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Priming the Medical School Pipeline: Schools Reach Out to Minority & Underserved Teens

How some med schools are readying kids from rural, poor or underrepresented minorities for medical professions

Overcoming Fear of Family History: Caitlin Kelly | Living Beyond ...

Growing up with cancer around her, a young woman had a hard time thinking about what her family history meant for herself.

Many Voices, Better Care | SKMC Bulletin

Diversity programs and initiatives at the Sidney Kimmel Medical College at Thomas Jefferson University help improve medical education and patient care.

Help for the Helpers: Why Caregivers Need Self-Care

Caregivers often give little thought to their own health or wellbeing. Here's why it's important to build self-care into caregiving. Insight Newsletter | Summer 2016

Komisaruk brain article

Unlocking the Mysteries of Orgasm

Neuroscience researcher at Rutgers University - Newark


Eating Healthfully During Stressful Times

How to fight emotional eating

Healthy Women

Headache Help Without the Drugstore | HealthyWomen

Alternative approaches to reduce and end headache pain.

Photo article

Bringing Diversity into the Sciences — Rutgers FOCUS

Rutgers program creates community for students aiming for science careers

Understanding Radiation Therapy

As a breast cancer treatment, radiation therapy can be important, yet some women choose to avoid it. My article for LBBC's Insight looks at when radiation might be recommended, its use with reconstruction or metastatic disease, protecting the heart during treatment and more.

Facing a Breast Cancer Few Know About: Patrice Starks | Living Beyond Breast Cancer's Blog

Inflammatory breast cancer diagnosis often comes as a surprise.

Precision Medicine: Paving the Way for a New Era | AAMC Reporter

New approaches bring changes for health systems and medical education

Insomnia 320 article

More Sleep, Less Medicine: Sleep Disorders Center Breaks Insomnia’s Grip | Media Relations

More Sleep, Less Medicine: Sleep Disorders Center B...

Young Black Women With Breast Cancer More Likely to Have BRCA ...

Rates of BRCA genetic mutations twice as high in young black women as in non-Hispanic white women.

Mistaken Signs Really Paget Disease: Christina Ihfe | Living Beyond ...

A rash causes delay in a young woman's breast cancer diagnosis.

Healthy Women

Eating to Beat Stress and Depression | HealthyWomen

Foods can affect mood. These choices help balance the effects of stress and support emotional wellbeing.